Nature's Gems
"There is beauty if you only look." 

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Cynthia (Tommy)Co-Owner
Mrs. Gray is the hands and creation of the show, skillfully handcrafting each piece herself. Her fascination with spiders began at the age of 6 when one day a black widow saved her from being stung by a hornet.  


"She is super creative! Cynthia is a very free spirited person with a close connection to nature. We enjoy her work & her enthusiastic energy."

I enjoy what I do with this jewelry because it allows people to have a closer look and see the humanity in even the 'scariest' & 'creepiest' creepy crawlers. We do it in a unique & personal way & make it so everyone can have a piece of nature of their very own.  
           - Cynthia Garcia-Gray
Bryan Gray, Co-Owner
Having been born and immigrated from the bonnie hills of Aberdeen, Scotland in late 2013, Mr. Gray is always fascinated with creatures of the Arizona desert. His knowledge is favorable towards the scorpions. 


"When we spoke to Bryan, he was very nice and curteous with us and was very eager to help us out and answer all our questions."

The thing I like about this business is that we can educate people on the creatures that people in Arizona deal with on a day to say basis and teaching them that they do not need to be scared of them.

  - Bryan Gray

About Nature's Gems
Our tiny little company started in early 2012 when Cynthia's hobby for turning beautiful specimens into conversation jewelry pieces became in such high demand. It has been our subtle way of allowing fellow humans to come a little closer to many misunderstood creatures harmlessly and see their true nature, and at times even ultimately resulting in people overcoming their fears of them in the end.   

Nature's Gems is family-owned and operated right here Arizona. You can find us and get up close and personal with our entire inventory every 1st Friday in Phoenix, 2nd Friday in Mesa, and in select shops on Mill Avenue in Tempe.  

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Uniting humankind with the misunderstood creatures of nature one piece at a time.