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                         Gothic Pride
In our hopes to raise awareness for an often overlooked subculture, we have specially created some of our most popular lines of jewelry with a jet black background and are offered at half price their regular cost in honor of the Gothic subculture. With the money we raise from the sales of these black gems, we plan to fund a local subculture group in Arizona who reaches out to individuals who have fallen victim to the mistreatment and abuse of simply being different. 

This group, known as the Midnyte Society, takes in those who have found themselves alone, rejected, and with no where else to turn and they offer acceptance, protection, and a family. They put together out of state vacations to amusement parks, weekly transportation, member assistance, advertisement, and eventually housing. 

"As a member of the Gothic subculture myself, I know from the bottom of my heart how it feels to be judged by my cover. It's cold it's hardening, it's ignorant, it's extremely hurtful, and there is no need for it. Although one person can make an enormous difference, the cause would shine if we all stood together. Anything I can do to help out those who were once in my shoes will certainly be contributed. Never be ashamed of yourselves for knowing who you truly are on the inside and having the bravery to display it on the outside for all to see! Have strength, have hope, have heart. Have Gothic pride!" - Cynthia (Tommy) Garcia-Gray

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