Nature's Gems
"There is beauty if you only look." 

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Nature's Gems Fans & Friends

                                        Bruce Cormier                                           

Our friend Bruce is an extremely talented artist who can always be seen on the sidewalks of Mill Avenue and now also at First Friday near Roosevelt and 3rd Street. Bruce will amaze you with what he can do in a matter of minutes with spray cans, plates, and magazine pages. His unique abilities are something that you just have to see to believe!

We'd like to think we build a strong relationship with our clients & friends. Without them, there would be no Nature's Gems to service. 

​So we thank our friends whom we've met along the way. They, just like us, constantly strive to bring the customers our very best with each and every piece, every time. We invite everyone to take a peek at what they have to offer. 

                                                                           Jay & Nancy Nixon                                                                                              

Specializing in fantasy art, Jay and Nancy share their awesome prints of their original paintings on art walks and major events. The detail and drama in each of their paintings is simply breathtaking! Whenever their art is out on display, you cannot help but stop and stare. Their skill and talents are simply to be admired!
​                                                          Gary & Virginia

You can find Gary and Virginia at every First Friday in Phoenix near Roosevelt and 3rd Street and Second Friday in Mesa near Maine and Macdonald. Their wide collection of crystals and wands is absolutely stunning. Their selection and knowledge of each of their pieces is impeccable. Gary and Virginia are a must see at every event you can find them! 
                                                              Eric Beascochea

(602) 515-9604                     

Eric has been working on his unique pieces since childhood, but has only begun selling recently online and at art walks. Eric creates each od his astonishing statues out of wire, clay, and leather. Very durable and eye catching, his sculptures are one of a kind characters from out of his own imagination. Come check out Eric and his artwork up close!