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Female Black Widow 
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Male Black Widow
Egg Sacs
As deadly as they are beautiful, the female black widow received her name after her widely known tendency to kill her partner immediately after mating. Although of course that is not always the case, the female black widow's bite is 15 times more poisonous than the largely feared rattlesnake. These black beauties grow up to 1/3 inch larger than her male counterpart and can be easily recognized resting upside down on her web where a scarlet hourglass shape can be seen on her abdomen. In certain areas of the country, some will even develop 3 or more red dots on her back. 

Vial Pendants $(35)           Acrylic Resin $(45) 
Brought up in the knowledgeable care of Mrs. Gray, these gorgeous arachnids are pampered and spoiled throughout their entire extended lifespan in captive care. Each widow gets humanely harvested just as they reach the end of their days. They will then be enclosed in a glass vial preserved in clear liquid solution and placed on a solid sterling silver 18', 20' or 22' inch snake chain. You may also have your widow placed in acrylic resin for an additional $10. Because these darlings are in such high demand, we've created the waiting list. Add your name now to reserve yours! ​

The males are considerably smaller than the females, their bites have been said to cause no harm to humans, and they retain a completely different look. Rather than black and red, the male's exterior is golden brown with dark tiger stripes covering his 8 legs and most commonly seen with white dots down his back. Rather than the scarlet hourglass, the male will display a white dot on his abdomen. These little guys are a tad harder to find, as I'm sure you can imagine why. 

Vial Pendants $(25)          Acrylic Resin $(35)
In each egg sac, there are hundreds of tiny little eggs that are waiting to be hatched. Of course, not all of them do. Only a fraction of little baby widows come breaking through their eggs. They remain inside their sac for the next few days and feed off of the yolk inside their original egg, and also their surrounding siblings. The surviving hatchlings will eventually emerge from the egg sac and will remain on their mother's web for the a small number of days until they venture off and build webs of their own. 

Vial Pendants $(15)          Acrylic Resin $(25)

*Is there an unwanted and rather dangerous 8 legged visitor near your home? Would you like us to personally come and escort him/her away from the premises and introduce them to a life of luxury in our widow farm? Drop us a line! We'll come to your rescue with our special tools and skills to remove the black widow from your home safely and humanely for the low cost of $20 simply to cover gas and necessary preparations.*
Be aware, that we ask each of our widow customers to sign a waiver acknowledging the potential dangers that can occur as a result of not handeling and/or caring for these pendants properly. Before you consider buying one, please see the "black widow pendants" section on our Care Instructions page.